About Our Team

"From a little spark may burst a flame"

Dante Alighieri

We are a full-service corporate event planning agency backed by a network of the industry’s most experienced, reliable, creative and professional suppliers both in North America and around the world. Our agile business model allows us to assemble a custom team for each unique project, with the right expertise to fit your needs and budget. Whether a program for 5 or 5,000 attendees, our teams make the greatest use of resources when ideating, planning, and managing corporate events of every size and every budget with respect, professionalism and a special spark!


Owned and operated by Aleen Kilislian, Spark It Events has over 12 years of corporate events experience in industries ranging from finance and accounting, to legal, hospitality, pharmaceutical, technology, NPO, media, and retail.


We focus on each and every step and detail to make sure your event is a success for you and to achieve your desired results. We’ll also do our best to make you and your team smile!









Elevating Corporate Experiences

Toronto, ON, Canada
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